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Written by Steve Shirley   
Sunday, 10 January 2010 20:13

Cemetery Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Hardin Cemetery Association will be held Saturday, Feb 27, 2009, at 1:30 P.M. in the American Legion Hall in Hardin, Missouri.  An update of activities and cemetery improvements will be given.

Memorial Day Service

Our regular Memorial Day Service is set for 10:00 A.M., May 31, 2010, at the cemetery.  As a reminder, it is your responsibility to remove any flowers that you want to keep before the cemetery needs mowing after Memorial Day.

Time brings changes

After the “’93 Flood” you started receiving this newsletter in order to keep you informed on the progress of rebuilding the cemetery.  This is the fourth year that the newsletter is posted on the Internet in place of being mailed.  If you don’t have Internet access, you can pick up a copy at the Post Office, City Hall or request that the newsletter be sent to you.  This change will allow us to keep you better informed at less cost.  Our web page is hosted on the City of Hardin web page. Go to cityofhardin.com and click on the Hardin Cemetery link to get current information about the cemetery.  I will update our web page, so check the site for current information about the cemetery during the year.

Notes from the President

2010 will be the third year that we haven’t been involved in a major “new” construction project. The work of repairing and resetting the stones in the south section of the cemetery is still being worked on.  This is the section in which the “93 Flood” knocked over the stones, which were temporarily reset after the flood.  Now almost 16 years later they need attention again.  As some of you will remember, vandals also hit the cemetery and knocked over a large number of stones in this section in the early fall of 2006.  We had to dip into our reserve to repair the damage, and we wanted to spread the cost out; thus, we are still working on this section.  We have about one third of this section left to repair as the funds become available.  We also have additional repairs to do on the lake bank.  The wind over the years has caused the bank to erode, and we need to repair the erosion. We repaired 30 feet in the spring of 2009 and hope to repair more of the bank if the weather will allow us to get in and do the work.

As you know, we installed the Veterans Memorial to allow us to pay special remembrance to our loved ones who fought for our freedom.  This is a “living memorial” to the veterans buried in the cemetery.  This year we had two veterans die, B Jack Halterman and Farrell A. Weddle,  and there names will be added  to our memorial.  A list of the veterans buried in the cemetery is posted on our web page for you read.  If you would like to share stories about the battles and experiences that they saw, I would be glad to put a copy of their stories in our records to honor their memory.   

As a service to our friends who are researching their family trees, I started to save obituaries of those buried in the cemetery starting with 1992.  I have finally copied them to digital form and plan to post the list on our web site.  I hope that this will be additional information we can provide you for your research.  I have a few old obituaries provided by families but not many.  If you have a copy of a loved one’s obituary and would like to pass it on to me, I will be glad to include it in our database.   

Costs of mowing and maintenance have continued to go up each year, and your gifts to the general fund help us make up the shortage in the maintenance budget each year.

There are many ways to give donations to help maintain the cemetery.  Besides just sending a check, you can make a donation to the Cemetery Improvement Fund, a new fund that we established in 2005 that allows you to earmark gifts toward construction of cemetery improvements.  The “Brick Fund” allows you to purchase a brick installed in the patio of  the “flood memorial” for a donation of $50.00 per brick.  The brick has room for three (3) lines of information with 13 letters per line to honor your loved ones.  The Flag Fund allows us to purchase flags to line the entrance on Memorial Day.  If you want to remember someone with a donation, let us know your wishes.  Just send your donations to the Hardin Cemetery, 10081 Shirley Circle, Hardin, MO 64035.

I would like to thank you for the support you have given the cemetery.  Remember we, your board of directors, are here to help you maintain the cemetery.  If you ever want to have input toward maintaining the cemetery, be sure to get in touch with us.  We are always glad to hear your ideas.

Burials in 2009

Janice K. Blankenship, 20 Jun. 1954—29 Jan. 2009
Theodore Edward “T.E.” Baker, 15 Oct. 1914—8 Feb. 2009
Norine E. Simpson, 30 Sep. 1918—29 Mar. 2009
B. Jack Halterman, 3 Nov. 1929---11 Apr. 2009
Farrell A. Weddle, 14 Nov. 1923—22 Jan. 2009
Bruce Ray Covey, 22 Apr. 1964—3 Jul. 2009
Ina Mae Marlin, 9 Oct. 1925—12 Jul. 2009
Virginia E. Burney, 5 Aug. 1917—13 Jul. 2009
Mary E. Slover, 12 Jul. 1919---22 Dec. 2009


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